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Internet Delivery Solution

June 01, 2023

Internet Delivery Solution

The internet enables content to reach a global audience without geographical limitations. Anyone with an internet connection can access content from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal platform for content distribution on a massive scale.

Wellav’s latest gateway solution, with new reliable video transport protocols such as SRT, Zixi, RIST, and CTP, offers an OPEX solution to reliably transport content via public internet with low latency and high QoS. With scalable licensing features, Wellav’s solution can be rapidly deployed for events and scaled up and down as required.




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Modular video processing platform
CMP 200

CMP200 series is the next generation of modular video processing by Wellav. The chassis comes with a single or dual power supply option and accommodates up to six modules. Using a built-in IP switch and diverse range of hot-swappable input/output options, CMP200 series is a highly flexible solution, perfect for a variety of applications including Hospitality, Education, Government, MDUs, and more. Offering an excellent balance of performance VS value, the CMP200 series is ideal for dense multi-channel encoding, HD transcoding, signal reception,digital turn around, and simultaneous IPTV + QAM distribution without an excessive price tag. Backed by a worldwide based support team and a intuitive Web-Interface, the CMP200 series  is easy for any organization to deploy and operate.  

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Network Decoder
Impulse 300D

The Impulse 300D is a dynamic approach to the single channel decoder concept. At its core, the 300D is a versatile broadcast video processor, capable of receiving content over traditional facility multicast as well as OTT “internet” sources. The decoder itself offers a large range output ports including SDI, HDMI, and even analog video with RCA stereo for legacy applications. Offering a solid foundation of broadcast-tier features with support up to 4K/UHD via HDMI, the 300D is one of our most cross-compatible appliances in the Sencore portfolio. Use as a stand-alone DIY content delivery or rack-mountable up to three units in 1RU in traditional head-ends.

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